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  • 58% of all Black 4th graders in the nation are functionally illiterate & 85% are reading below grade level.
  • A Black boy born in 2001 has a 33% chance of going to prison in his lifetime.
  • A million Black males are in prison.
  • 2.4 million Black children have an incarcerated parent.
  • Murder is the #1 cause of death among black young men.

From helping youth with life skills, to learning social responsibility, Boys Learning About Manhood, a 501 (c) 3 non profit is dedicated to service. A holistic wrap around mentoring program that addresses the social, emotional and cultural needs of children ages 5-18. Members of B.L.A.M. are trained to become mentors, advocates, and role models for the youth within their communities. Through chapter operated one-on-one and group mentoring efforts, our members forge relationships that positively impact our greatest resource: Our Youth.

Our programs focus on building essential skills needed to become productive, contributing citizens so that they may be become self-determined, learn decision-making and life skills while utilizing community resources. Community Services is a huge part of our program as well.

B.L.A.M. mentoring techniques are developed using goal setting, parent participation and cooperation utilizing the following mentoring relationship models:

  • 1 to 1 Mentoring
  • Group Mentoring
  • Tag Team Mentoring
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring

Workshops and conferences for children and youth include topics such as:

  • Positive Self Identity and Personal Vision
  • Life Skills
  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • Moral Character
  • Work Ethic
  • Lifelong Learning

The "So Focused" Mentoring Program

The So Focused Mentoring Program provides multiple opportunities for children to observe leadership skills in action develop awareness of qualities of civic responsibilities, explore career opportunities through study group participation and career shadowing, where possible. Civic leadership and responsibility focuses on the importance of participating in and giving back to the community. Career exploration focuses on exploring the many options students have for careers that allow them to take leadership.

B.L.A.M. One on One Program

B.L.A.M. one on one program is the 1 to 1 community based mentoring program of Groove Phi B.L.A.M. Inc. The program is designed for young men in the 1st through 12th grades. The goal of the program is to develop young men who understand the beneficial importance of positive thinking, responsible personal conduct, respect for self and others, educational achievement and cultural enrichment.

To accomplish this goal and to help develop a group of future leaders, the program includes a series of sessions that take place throughout the school year and summer. During these sessions, volunteer community mentors, tutors and presenters share their knowledge and experience with the young men on life skills projects, engage them in athletic activities and accompany them on group field trips. Young people in this program also engage in community service projects, serve as peer counselors and compete in academic projects both locally and nationally. The regular group sessions are planned for the 1nd and 3rd Saturday morning of each month.

Boys 2 Men Program

In cooperation with a targeted local High School, the program identifies African American males in the beginning of their high school years (9th grade) and supports them through a four-year process of personal growth and exploration. Our objectives are to work with parents, public educators and community organizations to:

1. Guide African American male participants in establishing a clear and realistic understanding of adulthood.

2. Coach, mentor, and direct African American male participants along paths of self-exploration, improvement, and development, resulting in discoveries of latent creativity and a desire to excel.

3. Increase participants', expectations, academic skills, and confidence in self, family, community and education system.

Phase I: Personal and Social Development – Learning includes an exploration of knowledge of self, African and African American culture, history and achievements.

Phase II: Leadership, Mentoring and Team Building – Phase II provides mentoring support and builds on the year 1 foundation, promoting academic achievement and modeling leadership and team building.

Phase III: Economic Development and Community Service - Promotes the awareness and development of economic development and cooperation on an individual, team and community basis.

Phase IV: Development of Career Choices – Phase IV places emphasis on academic achievement, promotes an awareness of the diversity of career choices and further cultivates those skills needed to pursue ones dream.

Weekend Academy

The purpose of the Academy is to enhance school performance and to be a vehicle for African American youth in the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area that teaches personal goal setting and leadership skills. The program is designed to develop youth into leaders by inspiring them to identify personal dreams or goals and build action plans toward achieving them. Further, the W A was established by our chapter to provide these youth with the information and skills necessary for academic success and productive citizenship. Another purpose of the W A is to provide scholarship opportunities for young people. Through G PHI B and its partners, WA, participants may apply for a scholarship in their senior year of high school. The WA provides information and teaches skills on the following:

  • Financial planning
  • Health and wellness
  • Community service
  • Character
  • Etiquette
  • Technology education
  • Academic enrichment in the areas of math and science

The WA provides us the opportunity to collaborate with community leaders, business partners, educators, mental health professionals, and others seeking to build a stronger community and develop young minds.

God Bless Groove Phi B.L.A.M. Inc. its Mission, Members and Mentored

We are seeking donations to continue delivering the past successes in the future. Any donation is greatly appreciated, and is a tax write off.

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